A design rebellion: The Old House Beautiful VS. The New House Beautiful

There is a rebellion brewing in the design industry and it has been quite entertaining to watch this week. This summer, interior designer beloved shelter magazine House Beautiful was completely rebranded to focus on the millennial audience. Offering more commerce driven content with DIY videos, life hacks and “act now” sales-y posts, the new House Beautiful is leaving traditional design lovers disenchanted with offering very little coverage of designer features. One commentator’s comments on Instagram via The Business of Home mentioned {“I’ve been a faithful fan and subscriber since 1970 … this makes me sad,” comments one follower. “When I think of all the pages saved and torn from magazines, how I first learned of Sister Parish, Bunny Williams, Mario “The King of Chintz” [Buatta] … and I could go on and on. Obviously, I’m no longer the target audience.” And with that, the commenter signs off—with a crying emoji.} Ouch! There are many other entertaining comments to be found on the @housebeautiful Instagram feed if you care to take a peek.

Along with the rebrand transition, came a slew of layoffs and job transitions. With a new editor at the helm, many faithful employees were laid off or moved to another position just last week leaving a path of bitterness in it’s wake. Now enters #therbellion- a new Instagram account titled @theoldhousebeautiful was formed by an anonymous author and has already garnered over 7,500 followers in less than a week. The account features photos from House Beautiful pre-rebranding. Let’s take a look at the two accounts…..

The new House Beautiful via @housebeautiful

New house beautiful feed.png

The old House Beautiful via @theoldhousebeautiful

old house beautiful.png

So which feed do you prefer? The rebranded House Beautiful or the old House Beautiful? Personally, @theoldhousebeautiful is now one of my new favorite Instagram accounts, offering inspirational decor time and time again. But maybe I have become a traditionalist in my old age (wink!) Will the rebranded House Beautiful take note? Time will tell but the discourse between the two camps is quite entertaining to watch for now. Who do you think will prevail?

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