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One to Know: Taelor Fisher

I am a huge supporter of the fine arts or any realm of ‘art’ really. We would not have a culture without it. So when a new artist catches my eye, I like to spread the news. Lately, Taelor Fisher from Dallas has me searching for wall space in my own home as well as waiting for the perfect client project in which to place her ethereal botanical paintings in.

Her work is inspired by “botanical impermanence, and the way that we repurpose natural elements through tradition.” Her reinterpretations of the botanical world can be described as “charmingly chaotic” which sounds like the perfect kind of chaos me. Here are a few of my favorite pieces…

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Designer Tip: My favorite household cleaners

As much as I love my pets, the messes can be so bothersome! Our family has two four-legged members- a small white Maltese and a rescue cat. My parents have a small Yorkshire Terrier which comes to stay on extended visits when my parents travel. It seems the smaller and sweeter the dog, the more often unpleasantries abound. No matter how diligent I am with potty breaks, our sweet visitor leaves anxious little puddles around the house. With all the cleaning up I have been doing this past week, I thought it would be a good time to share my favorite household cleaners for all of life’s little messes.

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One to Know: Aronson Woodworks

As many Americans know, a large part of the furniture manufacturing industry has moved overseas to Asia. Yes, this greatly reduces costs but the disadvantages become innovation in new product and design, customizable options and level of quality and longevity. So when I was recently introduced to Aronson Woodworks, my heart skipped a few beats. In furniture design, it’s rare to see a line that is radically new and different from what I have seen before with a beautiful story behind the company to boot. Let me now spread the word….

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One to Know: William McLure X Anne Neilson Fine Art Gallery: Solo Exhibition Feb. 7th-Mar. 7th

Who isn’t enamored with the allure of William McLure lately? Artist turned interior designer or interior designer turned artist, whichever moniker you want to call him shouldn’t really matter when the lines between the two are so blurred in William’s world, both go hand in hand. His art and interiors have always stopped me in my Instagram scrolling tracks and I was beyond excited to learn about his month long solo exhibition here in Charlotte at Anne Nielson Fine Art gallery opening tomorrow, so I can have the opportunity to see his work in person .

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Travel Diary: Isla Holbox, Mexico

I find travel to be one of the most inspirational aspects of my life. I love discovering new places, cultures and delicious food from the far reaches of the earth. Typically, those experiences influence my design work and personal style. Travel for me also provides a much needed time to relax and reconnect with my loved ones. I consider myself a somewhat adventurous traveler- my college summers were spent galavanting through Europe, my honeymoon consisted of a whirlwind tour through Thailand and Cambodia, I have safari’d in Botswana and South Africa, scoured the markets of Marrakesch and snorkeled through a barrier reef in Belize with a toddler in tow.

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