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Kitchen Renovation Series: Custom Cabinetry Details

I have a small kitchen. There, I said it. Sometimes you just have to accept the realities and confines of a space and move on. So, when seeking out a game plan to renovate my kitchen, making the space highly functional and beautiful were my top priorities. 

With kitchen design, selecting appliances and designing the cabinetry are first on the list. And also typically the two largest investments in a kitchen. Thinking through how I used the space was critical to my design plan. Custom cabinetry details designed around my needs were crucial to making the space more functional and spacious. Now complete, I feel I have doubled my storage space and…

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One to know: Whitney Stoddard Art

Every now and then, I get to venture out of my design studio and explore what the design world has to offer. It’s one of my favorite aspects of my job and I don’t get to do it as often as I should. Yesterday I was invited to The Art Salon’s bi-annual art pop-up shop here in Charlotte and I am so excited that I made the trip. There were so many original art pieces to explore and it definitely had my mind swirling with creative ideas. Original art is such an important element when creating a bespoke and unique interior, often inspiring the color palette for a room or elevating the overall design to an awe inspiring level.

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One to know: Chris Keogh at Una Home Accents

One of my favorite aspects of my work is discovering new artists or craftsmen. And I love to spread the word when I happen to come across someone or something intriguing.

This summer I was accessory shopping for a photo shoot when I happened upon a gorgeous handmade pillow at Slate Interiors. Now this wasn’t just any pillow, mind you. The pillow was made of a gorgeous velvet with a appliquéd crane designed on the front. But wait for it….every part of the crane was appliquéd in a different fabric. While I did not have an immediate use for this beautiful work of art, I was very intrigued and determined to hunt down the story behind it.

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