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Every now and then, I get to venture out of my design studio and explore what the design world has to offer. It’s one of my favorite aspects of my job and I don’t get to do it as often as I should. Yesterday I was invited to The Art Salon’s bi-annual art pop-up shop here in Charlotte and I am so excited that I made the trip. There were so many original art pieces to explore and it definitely had my mind swirling with creative ideas. Original art is such an important element when creating a bespoke and unique interior, often inspiring the color palette for a room or elevating the overall design to an awe inspiring level.

While I was at the pop-up, I had the pleasure of meeting Charleston based artist Whitney Stoddard. Having already seen and coveted her art work at Charlotte’s own Shain Gallery, it was an honor to meet the artist in person and learn more about her art and what inspires her. Whitney’s art features mostly black painted or sketched feminine faces and forms over top hand tea-stained paper. Whitney uses tea sourced from a local Charleston tea plantation to create her “canvas.” The combination of the tea stained canvas and the dark feminine forms give off a vintage yet glamorous effect. A note from Whitney’s bio…..

Inspired by classic design elements and all things vintage, Whitney is best known for her original Tea Collection from which her audience first grew. Her tea-stained pieces begin with an organic, yet intentional, tea-staining process, which she feels is as much a part of the art as the figures painted on them. The tea-stained paper becomes a canvas for the next step of the process, where Whitney’s works come to life. Her pieces combine unique movement and intricate figures using a combination of charcoal and graphite sketch, acrylic paint and India ink. Whitney strives to create unique, “je ne sais quoi” expressions and sentiment through minimal paintbrush strokes. Her work personifies the power of simplicity.
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In the design world, art deco style has seen somewhat of a resurgence lately and the vintage and glamours feeling of Whitney’s art pairs beautifully with this aesthetic. With inspiration abounding, I was emboldened to curate a Art Deco Style inspiration board on my Style Desires page. Fusing art, fashion and décor items reminiscent of this glamorous time period reinterpreted for today’s modern woman, you will be sure to be inspired by art deco style trending in today’s market place. Shop all items here.

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Whitney Stoddard’s art is available at Shain Gallery in Charlotte, N.C., The Art Salon in Charlotte, N.C. and also via Whitney also offers personalized commissions. All photos via

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